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Art and education will move the world!

Alma En Movimiento, the scholarship training program of Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogota, Colombia, offers simultaneous training in contemporary technique, classical ballet, and other dance styles to expand the technical and artistic versatility of its students.

The project is a response to the need to support the training and visibility of young dancers and to create a space that allows for the development of Colombian artistic expression.

Alma en Movimiento is a stunning triumph of la joie de vivre!

Most of the dancers of Alma are in their twenties, and dancing has already transformed their lives. Sarah Storer, the Artistic Director, has the art, heart, and the strength to lead the group in seductive, emotional performances.

The company radiates positive energy

Coming from divers communities of Colombia, and also from Venezuela, the members of Alma En Movimiento dance with a strong sense of purpose. Humble yet determined, vulnerable yet strong, they are already committed to do their part and return to the world what they are taking from it.

Three of the dancers, Frey, Juan, and Santiago envision going back to teach, guide, and elevate the collective dignity of their native communities. Sofia and Veronica want to travel the world to enrich their personal and professional identities, and promote the diverse aspects of the Colombian Culture.

Dance is a living phenomenon

They all advocate for the importance of creating a space of sharing that can generate connections and interactions that support sustainable changes.

Alma is the example of how equal access to education is crucial to boost the development of vulnerable communities, to reduce disparities and division, and to promote well-being for all.

Arts and culture can promote a higher level of thinking as well as have an important impact on social and economic aspects of our global communities.

From an anthropological perspective, the impact of dance is truly remarkable. Alma En Movimiento, is a wonderful socio-cultural experience; it is a network of social interactions that impacts knowledge and beliefs, social behaviors, and values.

Knowing the stories of these performers and their perception of the world will empower us to act and contribute to reducing disparities.

Let me introduce you to these shining souls en movimiento who are committed to creating a better world:

Artistic director

Sarah Storer  


Bryan Corredor / Cinthya Florez / Frey González / Juan David Cárdenas

Ramírez / Santiago Mariño / Santiago Rojas / Sofía Negret /Verónica Arteaga  


Maria Alejandra Ojeda / Martha Montaño


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