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Empowering girls in 3rd-8th grade, the next generation of leaders.

Girls on the Run-DC inspires girls across DC and Prince George's County to become healthy, joyful, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Through Girls on the Run-DC, girls learn critical life and leadership skills that stick with them for years to come such as positive conflict resolution and healthy coping mechanisms.

Girls on the Run-DC believes in the limitless potential of each girl we serve and focuses on strengths and abilities rather than risks or challenges. Our goal is for ALL girls to be able to participate in Girls on the Run, regardless of her family's financial status. Your purchase today supports the GOTR-DC Scholarship Program, a key way that we accomplish our goal of accessibility and inclusivity.

If you wish to make a donation to Girls on the Run-DC or volunteer, you can find more information at the following website:



Education should be a right not a privilege.

Alma en Movimiento is a training scholarship program for 18-to 26-year-old dancers, which the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo in Bogota, Colombia, actively supports and maintains. This program offers simultaneous training in contemporary technique, classical ballet, and other dance styles to expand the technical and artistic versatility of its students. 

The project is a response to the need to support the training and visibility of young dancers and to create a space that allows for the development of Colombian artistic expression.

By choosing to dedicate your purchase to Alma en Movimiento, you will be helping to create a professional Colombian dance company comprising the best and most talented of Colombia’s youth.

You can find more information on the project at the following website:



Ending homelessness. Inspiring hope. Transforming lives.

Your purchase today will help to change the lives of homeless women in Washington, DC, who are working to overcome their present situation. Calvary Women’s Services provides day-to-day support to these women such as providing a safe place to sleep, mental health services, healthy meals, and educational activities.

Moreover, this organization’s mission is to empower these women to achieve their goal of eventually becoming financially independent and moving into their own home.

If you wish to make a direct donation to Calvary Women’s Services, you can find more information at the following website:



Refugees want parity, not charity.

Since the Syrian civil war officially began on March 15, 2011, the Syrian refugee crisis has become the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time.

Hummustown is a crowdfunding organization that was founded in Rome in 2017. Its main goal is facilitating the integration of Syrian refugees in Italy and empowering them to acquire a dignified life-sustaining income by capitalizing on their delicious Syrian culinary tradition. 

By choosing to dedicate your purchase to Hummustown, you will be helping to fund raise the setup and running of its own professional kitchen, office space, meeting room, and front-of-house reception for direct orders of Syrian cuisine.

To find out more information about Hummustown and to make a direct donation, please visit their website:


Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory

Supporting access to music as a source of integration and a gateway to employment.

Founded in 2007, The Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory (KJC) is the only music institution in Nepal dedicated to learning Western classical and contemporary music. In 2017, KJC established a 2-year Diploma Course to provide aspiring musicians with an education that supports and empowers the local music scene. This course also prepares students to be eligible for admission to bachelor's level studies in Europe and the U.S., which will eventually contribute to creating a more vibrant and dynamic local music scene. 

We believe that ensuring access to music education is needed now more than ever, especially in Nepal where the vast majority of resources are not available even to the wealthiest population and the Covid-19 crisis is likely to continue having great economic and social consequences. With so many students struggling financially, KJC’s  main goal is to allow them to complete their music education.

By choosing to donate to KJC, you will be helping Nepali students to complete their Diploma Course and enable them to pursue a professional career in music.

If you wish to make a direct donation to KJC, you can find more information at the following website:



A little funding goes a long way.

Simone was a brilliant and generous Italian gentleman who died tragically in a car accident earlier this year, at the age of 38. Simone’s family has founded Simone x Sofia to help others as well as to keep Simone’s generosity alive. 

Sofia is a little girl living in Sicily, Italy, who has recently experienced the painful loss of her single and proud mother Antonella, who worked with great dignity until the last moment of her life. By choosing to dedicate your purchase to Sofia, you will be contributing to giving her the opportunity of going to school, having a decent life, and building her own future.

If you wish to make a direct donation to Simone x Sofia, you can find more information at the following website:


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