I envision a world in which people wish not only to be active donors but are also able to invest their time and commitment to empower others.

My name is Federica Donato, and I am an Italian painter and designer currently living in Washington, DC.

I have always believed that throughout the world people are far more united by their common fate than they are divided by their separate cultural and ethnic identities.

During the past months – while the Covid-19 has been rapidly becoming a global pandemic – I have increasingly felt compelled to do something meaningful. I finally decided to set up Art 4 Humanity (A4H), a platform for social engagement that calls for action to impact and improve the lives of vulnerable people. 

I have made the choice to uphold my beliefs and use my personal and professional skills to do my part in combatting inequity.

Consequently, I have designed a line of products to raise funds to assist the most disadvantaged communities: individuals living in poverty, children and families in need, women transitioning out of homelessness, and survivors of domestic violence.  

By promoting various cultural and art events, talks, and educational projects, A4H will strive to engage people and motivate them to expand their horizons, connect around truth, and recover a lost sense of humanity. 

My objective is to create a space for social interaction that will foster awareness, encourage dialogue, and work toward common goals based on the value of human dignity. 

I feel it is my obligation to put back into the world more than I take from it.




Love, compassion and empathy are the most sustainable and efficient way to cement a strong, fair and upright society.

Our crown symbolizes our commitment to creating a more equitable society by reducing disparities. 

Art 4 Humanity (A4H) is grounded in our fundamental belief that art and culture can not only promote higher levels of thinking, but also have positive economic, social, health, and environmental impacts on society. Creating a sense of community and movements to improve awareness of globally relevant issues, foster personal understanding, and generate change is our primary focus.

A4H initiatives are directed to support social and human rights causes, social inclusion, the diversity of cultural expression and interculturalism. 

As citizens of the world, we are all interconnected and we all should be empowered to become positive change agents. We can build the society of I Care, and of Do What You Can.  


redistribution/access/ well-being for all/justice


Speak Up/Lift UP the Unheard/voice /projects


I Care/Do What You Can/You are Loved/fostering connections and collaborations/nonviolent communication


I Spread the Message of Love and Justice/Make Help and Compassion as Popular as Sports and Make it Roll All Over the World


Make My Compassionate Actions Take Off/widespread good practices/connecting and circulating around the world


Balance/equity/culture/ music/links

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